Next 14-16 September, ERIS scholars will mark their presence at the annual conference of the Italian Political Science Association (Società Italiana di Scienza Politica SISP), which will take place at the University of Genova, Department of Political & International Studies.
Francesco Strazzari (Sant'Anna School) is the author with Kateryna Pishchikova of the paper "Decolonising Ukraine: A critical assessment of academic and political agendas", which will be presented at Panel 14.2 Data Collection in Post-soviet Regimes: challenges and Opportunities, on the 15th September.
Georgios Glouftsios (University of Trento) will chair Panel 7.1, Engaging techno-politics: security and strategy in the digital age, on the 14th. The panel will host a paper by Alessandra Russo (University of Trento), "The Baleful Black Box: Artificial Intelligence and the Security Dilemma". Glouftsios will also present the paper "Making Pushbacks Public: Secrecy, Material Witnesses and Devices of Dis/appearance" at Panel 11.1 Migration governance in the European Union between old and new challenges (chair Eugenio Cusumano), on the 15th.
Alessandra Russo (University of Trento) will chair Roundtable 14.6 Teaching the Post-Soviet between Political Science and Area Studies, and Panel 14.3 Rethinking Protracted Conflicts, both on the 16th.
Laura Berlingozzi (Sant'Anna School) will present the paper "Grassroots geopolitical imaginaries in the Sahel: Civil society framings in autocratizing regimes in Burkina Faso and Niger" coauthored with Adam Sandro at Panel 1.1 Defending democracy against autocratization: the role of external (f)actors (chair Tiziana Corda, discussant Andrea Cassani), on the 14th.Chiara Loschi (University of Bologna) will present the paper "Non-state actors in EU borders, migration and asylum management: an infrastructural approach" at Panel 11.4 To protect or not to protect? When the EU’s dilemmas put international protection at risk (chairs Francesca Longo, Stefania Panebianco, discussant Andrew Geddes), on the 16th.
Ester Sigillò (University of Bologna) will present her paper "Rethinking regime change in Tunisia from democratic aspirations to authoritarian setbacks", at Panel 1.6 Rethinking Regimes and Regime Change (chairs Licia Cianetti, Gianni Del Panta), on the 16th.
Clara della Valle (University of Bologna) will present her paper "Shades of presence in post-2011 Tunisia: women’s activism between “on” and “offline”, coauthored with Guendalina Simoncini, on the 16th, at Panel 12.5 Democracy, gender equality and social movements (chairs Giada Bonu Rosenkranz, Anna Lavizzari).
Silvia Carenzi will discuss her paper "Cultivating the “Popular Incubator”: Analyzing the Legitimation Strategies of Armed Islamist Groups in Syria", at Panel Political violence and armed conflicts. Actors and strategies (chair Stefano Costalli, discussant Juan Masullo), on 14th.
Edoardo Baldaro (Université Libre de Bruxelles) will chair Panel 7.14 Italy in the enlarged Mediterranean: muddling through or a new strategic front of Italian foreign policy?, with Ruth Hanau Santini, discussant Fabrizio Coticchia, on the 15th. In the panel, Baldaro will present the paper "Italy’s increasing role in the enlarged Med: issue-driven, contingency-driven, status-driven or bureaucratic politics?" coauthored with Santini.
Kevin Koehler will discuss his paper "Does Strategic Moderation Work? A Survey Experiment on Giorgia Meloni’s Stance on Ukraine", at the Panel 7.9, The war in Ukraine: elites, public opinion and policies (chair Stephanie Hofmann, Pierangelo Isernia) on 14th.

More details on the program can be found here.

See you there!