The Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in view of the possible opening of one positions of Recognized Researcher in the area of international Relations (critical perspectives), at the Institute of Law, Politics and Development ( in one or more of the following research areas:

  • African security and governance: political and security dynamics in North and Sub-Saharan Africa, including the formation and transformation of the state.
  • Political violence and transnational terrorism: radicalization and mobilization drivers, contentious politics by non-state armed groups; the prevention, countering, negotiation of violent extremism in Africa.
  • Transnational organised crime: criminal governance and trafficking, and their security/political stability implications.
  • Migration and security: migratory flows (mixed flows, irregular migration, smuggling and human trafficking) and its main security/securitization implications (border security, human security, identity security, algorithmic security, visual security) with a particular focus on migratory flows in Africa and across the EU border.
  • Environmental/climate security: multi-level governance of climate change (negotiation, mitigation, adaptation) and natural resources (the commons, biodiversity protection), including their complex interactions with security and securitization dynamics.

The DIRPOLIS institute invites interested candidates with a specific expertise in the domains of security studies, security governance, conflict studies and geopolitics to send their expressions of interest to by February, 5, 2023.

All correspondence and expressions of interest will be kept strictly confidential. Knowledge of the Italian language is not required, but the ability to teach in English is mandatory. The Scuola guarantees equal gender opportunities in recruitment and career.

Disclaimer: this is not yet a job vacancy advertisement. Based on the expressions of interest for this position, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna will decide whether or not to open public competition for the position in October 2023.

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