Violence, nonviolence and the Palestinian struggle for liberation: the debate after 7 October

The brutal attacks by Hamas on 7 October and the genocidal slaughter in Gaza that followed have reignited a reflection on violence and its use in liberation struggles and in contexts where it arises in conditions of injustice, inequality, siege, and dispossession. Where do we stand in the critical debate on 'violence'? Can this debate inform the lens through which we take position on Israel and Palestine? Can this debate remain grounded in history and emancipatory goals, while not abandoning eth ⋙

Palestine, Israel/Gaza, Palestinian resistance, political violence, non-violence, resistance, 7 October

Research Highlights

Fra deterrenza e resistenza: la guerra a Gaza, questione palestinese e ordine internazionale, 8/02/2024, Università di Bari

Francesco Strazzari terrà una keynote al seminario "Fra deterrenza e resistenza: la guerra a Gaza, la questione ⋙

"Palestina oggi". Dialogo con Ruba Salih e Francesco Strazzari, Bologna, 13/12/2023

"Palestina oggi. Confronto per un cessate il fuoco immediato a Gaza". Dialogo con Ruba Salih e ⋙

Conference "Ukraine and Russia. Politica, economic and social change over war", SNS Florence, 10/12/2023.

Seminar in cooperation with the Scholars At Risk unit of the Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence. Event by " ⋙

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