Paving the Way Out: Unveiling the role of different conflict transformation narratives for peacebuilding in Israel and Palestine

The protraction of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has led many to abandon the Manichean lens opposing ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ in favour of another, contrasting warmongers and peacebuilders. Simultaneously, a growing need and demand for peace has propelled NGOs, already integrated into every stratum of life in the region, to the forefront of conflict transformation processes. Out of their many approaches and models, those facilitating encounters between Jews and Palestinians has proven particularly ⋙

Israel, Palestine, conflict transfromation

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In Conflitto - Dibattito al TPO, Bologna, 21 sett 2023

Giovedì 21 settembre, centro sociale TPO, via Camillo Casarini, 17/5, Bologna, ore 19:00. "Cosa succede nell'Africa ⋙

ERIS at Italian Political Science Association annual conference, Sept 2023, University of Genova

Next 14-16 September, ERIS scholars will mark their presence at the annual conference of the Italian Political Science ⋙

AfroSecurity Seminar - South Sudan: Conflict drivers and peace tools - 4 May 2023

In the context of the AfricaConnect Transdisciplinary Seminars, the Sant'Anna School is happy to present a seminar on ⋙

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